Haunted Dreams


Psychological terror and a flood of blood


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Haunted Dreams is a first-person action and horror game where you play Alex Brooks, a detective who, after being on the brink of death and losing his partner, begins to suffer from visions that take him to the edge of the abyss.

The gameplay resembles that of Condemned quite a lot, as the adventure is set in first person and you'll have to go through tons of hallways and dark rooms while defending yourself with the improvised weapons you find against the many horrors that stalk you.

The game is relatively short, with a duration of only a few hours, and has graphics that are very mediocre. Nevertheless, thanks to the dark and very gory aesthetic, the finished product is decent.

Haunted Dreams is a very entertaining game that, despite being developed by an indie studio with limited resources, succeeds in conveying some moments of authentic terror to its players.

The demo version only lets you play the beginning.

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